Take your business to the next level of agility


In today’s digital era remarkably large numbers of businesses of all sizes and types have started realizing the importance of digital transformation. Microservices architecture has become one of the hot topics among the software developers and IT professionals. Although this technology has recently hit the marketplace but many of the top companies across the globe such as Facebook, Amazon, Google, Paypal, Twitter, etc. have already switched from rigid monolithic architecture to microservices architecture. The introduction of microservices has significantly changed the way of building and maintaining application. The easy to understand and effective microservices architecture decomposes or divides the entire application into a set of manageable services and thereby reduces application complexities and improves fault isolation.

Scale effortlessly

With frequent upgrades and modifications every business can stay ahead of their competitors and can offer best experience to its customers. As each microservice which is a separate chunk of code, functions on its own, you can conveniently scale any independent service without affecting the other microservices and the operation of the entire system. Today when every business look for speed and agility investing in microservices could be a good decision.

Grow exponentially

Today’s forward-thinking businesses know that API is used in every app such as Facebook, send an instant message, check the weather on the phone, search for flights, use Google MAP, etc. for seamless performance. If you are planning to transform your business then go for a well-written API and experience benefits such as

  • Drive Internal Innovation
  • Power new business models
  • Mobile enablement
  • Customer and partner ecosystem growth
  • Accelerate reach for transactions and content
  • Support sales and marketing activities
  • Ease integration of backend data and applications

Reliable legacy modernization solutions

Choosing a legacy modernization provides with adequate knowledge about the full API lifecycle namely automating API creation, optimization, testing, deployment and management for core systems can make a huge difference in business efficiency, speed and productivity. Nowadays marketplace is flooded with numerous legacy modernization providers hence consider few aspects beforehand for smooth API integration and implementation of microservices architecture

  • Evaluate the license, reputation and credibility of the company
  • Ensure the professionals are qualified and experienced to handle project successfully within estimated timeline
  • Check the range of options for modernizing legacy systems such as Application Rewrite/Reengineer, Application Re-Host, Application Migration/Conversion, Application Replacement, Application Re-facing, etc.
  • Make sure the strategy is effective in enhancing the accessibility of web, mobile and cloud for smooth customer experience
  • Compare the prices of few reputable companies and choose the best deal

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