What Your Millennial Mentor may Need From You


Mentorship can play a major role in professional progress, providing the mentee with a sounding board, offering support and identifying areas of development. As millennials progress as professionals in our workplaces, we must offer them the help that helped us cultivate our success. As you look to improve your relationship with your millennial mentee, think about these three areas that may address what your mentee may need from you.

Expand Their Network

One of the most important parts of mentoring relationships is the ability to learn from others. Mentors can help identify areas where a mentee needs to grow or even connect them with others to expand their network. Not all mentors can be all things to meet every need. Mentees can benefit from a few mentors who can offer a variety of skills, experiences and advice, and finding someone who has a vast amount of experience like Eyal Gutentag can help achieve that.

Understand Their Yearning for Learning

For those who are Mentoring Millennials, it is important to listen to what your mentee is hoping to achieve from this relationship. By understanding what motivated them to participate in this connection, you can begin to understand how to help them get to where they want to be through realistic goals. By first understanding their perspective and ambitions, you can help get them to where they hope to be in a more informed manner.

Identify Important Values

Many millennials put an emphasis on values in their professional life, and will often look for those who align with their same ideals professionally and personally. With this being an important factor in their lives, take time to identify your values as a mentor and as a professional and help that guide your conversation. By weaving those into the dialogue, you can strengthen your bond.

Mentorship can play a pivotal role in professional success but only if it is done correctly. Make sure that you can properly support your mentee and you will find that both of you will have a fulfilling and rich experience.

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